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That’s when we called the Brandon Police and told them we had a missing person. We had been out there just an hour before, so the dogs picked up our scent first and followed it for fifteen or twenty minutes and didn’t find anything. Should you violate our submissions guidelines, we reserve the right to remove your comments and block your account. When submitting content, please abide by our submission guidelines, and avoid posting profanity, personal attacks or harassment.

Its shape has been defined and redefined but the main thrust is still the socially responsible treatment of stakeholders.

I have argued, elsewhere (‘CSR an International Development: Is business the solution?

’ (Earthscan, London, 2006), that corporations are more important than the UN in spending on development and […] The need to address questions of low living standards, exploitation, poverty, unemployment and how to promote human development, in general, has been almost entirely the preserve of Governments and the UN -especially in the last decade with the emphasis on the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals).

The paper will look at whether large private corporations also […] CSR is good for business if taken as a strategic approach to running a company or institution.

In the community, everybody admired him for being the way he was. When people were around him, they would watch what he did. If it wasn’t for Terence, I don’t think our family would be together today. Terence will calm things down.” That’s the way it was. I think he just couldn’t deal with that being in the public eye. The next day I woke up at my girlfriend’s place around ten o’clock and called the house.

He carried himself with laughter and he always had a positive vibe wherever he went. When things got rough between my parents, he was the mediator. When Terence moved down south to play hockey, that’s when things started to get really tough at home. All the work I’ve done has just gone down the drain. Everyone thought that Terence was this great guy, and that’s how he wanted to be perceived. I don’t want to deal with all of these people thinking I’m not this perfect, perfect guy. I have analyzed that letter over and over ever since. It was kind of chilly that night, but he went out in just his underwear—no shoes or nothing.

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And then when he left us, that’s when all hell broke loose. The protocol is that when you drop off someone who is intoxicated, someone sober has to be there to take responsibility for the person. Because Terence was one of the Tootoos and that was a pretty recognizable name in Brandon, the cops decided to keep it quiet. They knew where I lived and decided to bring Terence to my billets’ house and keep everything under wraps. Everyone makes mistakes, but for him, with all that pressure coming at him from different angles, I just don’t think he had the will inside him to fight it anymore. The place we stayed at out in the country had a gun in the garage, a 12-gauge shotgun, because we’d go out hunting in the fields behind the house all the time. He knew I had the skill to go all the way and take care of the family. He went to the garage and grabbed three shells and the 12-gauge.

The last time I saw Terence was that night out in Brandon. Because of my popularity in Brandon and Terence’s in northern Manitoba, the police tried to keep everything on the down low. They just said, “OK, here’s your place, go ahead and we won’t say anything.” He went into the house and things must have been going a million miles an hour in his head. As best we know, Terence went downstairs to the basement where our room was and took off all of his clothes except his underwear. And in Brandon, any time we were out in public, everyone was all over me—so his last line was “You are the man.” I felt bad, but I didn’t mean to be the man—it just kind of happened. Then he walked down to where there was a little trail. He jumped the fence and fired off one shot there, into the air. Then he put the second shell in, pulled the trigger, and it only clicked.

Terence had just played a successful first season with the Roanoke Express, a second-tier minor league team in Virginia, and was hoping to move on to the Norfolk Admirals, then the AHL affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks. Maybe that hurt him, because he couldn’t express those darker feelings. He caught a lot of players off guard, because he was a southpaw who shot the puck right-handed but punched left-handed.