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Predicted to one day run for president in his senior yearbook. Geffen moves in with Mitchell and gets a job with Remington Rand Univac in their keypunch service bureau. 1961 Batya, completely worn out from working fulltime and tending to her dying husband in the hospital, demands Geffen returns to Brooklyn. March 21st — Abe dies at The Kings County Hospital. But before he can even get through one term, he has dropped out and flown back to LA.

They train him to program the Univac 120, an accounting machine. After his father’s death, the government sends Geffen a social security death benefits check. Worried that his mother might not hand over the money, Geffen steals the check and eventually uses a good portion of it to get himself to LA. 1962 Mitchell’s new wife’s sister marries Phil Spector.

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After hearing Nat Lefkowitz, the head of WMA, came in to work on Saturdays, Geffen begins coming in on Saturdays.Geffen makes himself known, hanging around waiting to “bump into” Lefkowitz.Geffen makes friends with a young agent, Owen Laster. The two work well together, signing quite a few new clients.Lefkowitz is impressed with Geffen’s talent and dedication.1943 David Geffen is born on February 21st in Brooklyn, NY. 1958 Geffen is voted co-chair of the junior class submission for (school wide talent show).

1949 Geffen’s mother, Batya, suffers a nervous breakdown. Juniors win in a landslide, beating the senior class for the first time in the history of the competition.

He eventually does and befriends the 56 year old executive. Geffen intercepts a General Artists client list that had been sent to his boss, Ben Griefer.

Knowing that having such lists is an industry no-no, Geffen delivers the list to the head of WMA New York, Nat Lefkowitz. Lefkowitz is impressed, rehires him and promotes him to assistant to the agent Harry Kalcheim.

Geffen hears a rumor that a trainee has just gotten fired for lying on his application.

Geffen comes in an hour early for the next four months in an effort to intercept the disastrous letter that would eventually come from UCLA saying they had never heard of David Geffen.

Geffen then writes on his application that he is a UCLA graduate with a degree in theater arts.