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With easy-to-use and economical single-app products as well as more sophisticated all-in-one tools such as the 360 Automation Manager, you'll have something no matter the customer.

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Operate your own landing page platform with Dev Hub’s innovative white label technology.Dev Hub’s white label landing page platform ensures convenient mass landing page creation, security and web standard updates.With our platform, you can easily create multiple landing pages that are tailored to your target audience wherever it happens to be.If you’re ready to capitalize on the power of landing page marking solutions, it’s time to explore what Rally Mind can do for your business to improve your reach and boost your conversion rate.More scalable landing pages translates to more customer wins - across the board. Whether you have 20 landing pages or hundreds, wouldn’t it be ideal for each new marketing initiative to have the ability to quickly and efficiently update them all?

In that past, updating hundreds of landing pages could entail tens of hours — hours of work you could be spending with customers or winning new deals.

Traditional marketers relied on a ‘cloning methodology’ to create multiple landing pages but it takes time—so much time and money, in fact, that businesses typically settle for just the one page rather than deploying more.

Dev Hub’s technology can create that killer landing page times 10 — or times 100 if you like.

Dev Hub’s signature product Rally Mind brings convenience and efficiency to the landing page creation process.

Rally Mind is a game-changer in the landing page arena.

Create your own pricing to control your own margins and create lucrative managed service packages to generate significant recurring revenue.