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Tinder is location-based, meaning you'll match up only with people nearby — in some cases, in the same building (bar, restaurant, etc.) as you are at the time.

With more than 25 million users and growing, it offers a large pool of potential dates.

Are you trying to lock down a forever kind of love?

With also claiming that over 250,000 people a year find a partner through the site, it's definitely a dating site worth looking into.Although it may have a lot of search traffic, many have not enjoyed their experiences on the site.Don't worry—there are many ways you could still encounter love, including online dating.It may seem a little weird at first, but what's the harm in putting yourself out there?That doesn't mean it shouldn't be listed here, as it is technically a 'top' site, but there are much better choices when it comes to online dating.

The app has a majority female user base, and is user friendly in its tutorials.Once you register, you can find people in your area, of your age, or of your affiliation (or all of these).At the time of this writing, the site claims to be the most active free dating site, with more than 3 million users active on the site per day.You might even have When it comes to assembling your profile and selecting the right dating site, it can be challenging.Different dating sites are designed with different audiences in mind, so it's first important to decide what your goal is: Do you want to meet someone to hook up with?While Zoosk is mostly about getting people to meet other people, its employees also spend time in charitable giving: "Zoosk is committed to giving back to our communities both personally and financially.