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Select a clip collection from one of their libraries and they’ll mail you all of the clips on a data DVD… Shutterstock’s stock video isn’t free, but the company’s wildly diverse footage collection is a fantastic resource for anyone in the video production game. If your project has a budget, Shutterstock’s assets have the power to up your production value in an instant.

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X Stock offers high resolution clips, but suffers in terms of variety of subject matter.

Most stock footage on the site is available in HD 720 or 1080 resolutions.

Head over to the Rocket Stock freebie page to get your free stock video assets now!

Here’s a look at the type of free stock video elements already available.

i Movies has picked out a number of the most iconic public domain films and made them available for download.

Check out random clips from classic horror and sci-fi movies like free stock footage.

To avoid having to sift through all of the clips, use the search link to find what you’re looking for.

The News Market features clips that are topical and newsworthy, as well as many prepackaged news pieces (VNRs).

Although available in both 7, many of the clips on this site are in the AVI format and will need to be converted to use in Final Cut Pro.

Although some of the videos on the site teeter toward amateurish, they do feature a large variety of animals.

Freestock is a fantastic resource for free stock images, free stock video, and free stock vectors.