Using schematron in oracle soa suite 11g for validating xml who is will arnett dating 2016

The reference architecture defines each layer, identifies the criteria for determining the right layer, and suggests ways of keeping capabilities and services at the right level of granularity.

You can use a Mediator component to consume a business event or to receive a service invocation.A Mediator component can evaluate routing rules, perform transformations, validate, and either invoke another service or raise another business event.Oracle Mediator provides support for synchronous and asynchronous request response interaction.In a synchronous interaction, the client requests for a service and then waits for a response to the request.For example, raise a customer created event after completing the customer creation process.

Oracle Mediator supports both fault policy-based and manual error handling. Conditions specify the action to be carried out for a particular error condition.

For example, you can transform a comma-delimited file to the database table structure.

Oracle Mediator provides support for validating the incoming message payload by using a Schematron or an XSD file.

You can use a Mediator component to handle returned responses, callbacks, faults, and timeouts.

Oracle Mediator provides support for setting rules based on message payload or message headers.

Virtualization offers high-availability and load-balancing, performance and SLA monitoring and management, routing, versioning, and mediation capabilities to mitigate the impact of change at the provider on service consumers.