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At that time, there was no recognition of "dual citizenship." Therefore, you are required to answer this question in order to provide information on your current citizenship status.

For example: If you were born in Australia in 1965 and you became a Canadian citizen in 1979, your answer to this question would be "Yes" and you would place a check mark in the box next to "By Birth." Your answer is "Yes" because at the time of your birth, you were not a Canadian citizen and you did not become a Canadian citizen until 1979.

Open this file in a local PDF reader/viewer, but it is recommended that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure that the form will open and function properly.

Please provide your proof of travel, itinerary and/or airline ticket, as supporting documentation to assess your case.

Prior to enactment of the existing Citizenship Act, which became effective on February 15, 1977, it was possible to lose Canadian citizenship if you acquired citizenship of another country either by birth or through naturalization.

When your current passport has expired, is within 12 months of expiring, or if all visa pages are full, you should apply for a new passport as some countries require 6 months validity on your current passport before permitting you to enter.

If you do not have upcoming plans for travel, you may submit an application for a new Canadian passport at any time allowing 20 working days for processing.

Fill in and sign your passport application using the name that you want to see printed on your passport.

You must get a countersignature if your appearance has changed and you cannot be recognised from your existing passport.Please submit the following to obtain a new passport: Please note that if you apply by mail AND require your new passport and original supporting documents returned to you via mail, you must include a self-addressed pre-paid envelope. In addition, we will not use regular post to return passports and supporting documents as the envelope must be signed for upon delivery to you.We recommend that you use registered post envelope (no smaller than Australia Post B4 size) for regular delivery service.Download the Adult Simplified Renewal Abroad Passport Application (PDF*, 372 KB).The fees and processing times are the same as for a regular passport application.Therefore, you must have been a citizen of another country before February 15, 1977.