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I would wager a guess that if put together with the 660 and allowed to cure correctly it will run for a very long time.

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Yes it will occur more damage but if it doesn't do more damage then what has to be fixed anyways, makes more sense.

But I don't know how bad the bearing is to start with Sent from my 2PS64 using Tapatalk I would have but the bearing.

it mounts in a big metal box so if it fails parts wont go anywhere . Locktite makes a product that is made for just this situation. Regular locktite needs to displace the oxygen around the shaft to harden and if the shaft is not tight to the bearing it will not lock on.

I have used the 660 several times and it seems to work well.

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The fit is not that loose to have concern as long as it is not allowed to spin on the fit. I like the 660 idea too, myself I would do both, leaving the putty 2 thou high and let the bearing shave off the excess putty for an interfernce type fit up.

It would be nice to see a pic of the shaft to get a better idea of how much damage or lack of has been done to the shaft. All part are cleaned and waiting 660 and new bearing get here today.

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I have this plate compactor if i had to do it again i would save up 5 grand and buy a really nice two direction one that weights much more but for now im stuck with what i got Long story short i just got to the rain season and i need this driveway done before it gets any messier so with the help of this board i got the bearing coming i took the old bearing off.

just enough spot welds to keep the bearing from spinning. I personally would not have ordered a new assembly. I have done the center punch fix several times also but in this case again not needed.