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Hey Red Pill Book fanatics, UPDATE: GO TO THE RED PILL MEGA BOOK COLLECTION V2.0!!!Update: So thanks to the few who alerted me i noticed that the old link was down.

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So far I have gathered a considerable collection and I thought why not share this wisdom with the rest of you./=================================================/List of the 56 titles currently available (epub format only): I got the Icarus Illumina 6" which i can definitely recommend.Go for an e-reader with Android since then you will be able to "root" it and remove any security or bloatware apps and install everything you like.There are also guides on how to install Android on kindle or simply removing DRM on your e Books you might have, in any case i wouldn't worry about kindle suing your ass for using it for pirated content.Edit: Also, Calibre is your best friend in removing DRM and organizing/converting all your ebooks.Download ‘Street Photography For The Purist’ for free.

Lighting 101 David Hobby’s (aka The Strobist) fantastic Lighting 101 series of posts, compiled into one great ebook.Thanks to /u/longerdistance for sharing his copy of The Charisma Myth - Olivia Fox Cabane, I added this one as well so all credits for that one go to him.I have recently bought an e-reader and started reading up on some of the great titles recommended here.I’ve mostly linked to the pages on the corresponding websites where you can download the e Book – that way their website is getting the much-deserved exposure and publicity, rather than you being able to download the book directly from this post without ever visiting their site (although a few sites have updated their links, so have had to include some direct downloads as the number of broken links was getting silly! By the way, if you know of any more free photography ebooks that I may have missed, please let me know in a comment below, by email, twitter, or on our Facebook page.Using Your Digital SLR This is a really nicely illustrated guide from the folk at Photoanswers.Good Photos In Bad Light Darwinn’s great guide on how to make the most of any lighting condition, coming away with a great photo everytime. Getting Started With Photoshop Covers more advanced Photoshop skills.