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QUALITY IS IMPORTANT: This Add-In has following unique enhancements to prevent unexpected behavior:-Auto removing old messages to avoid performance issues, list thresholds and errors after 5000 items are reached in the list.Use Threshold property.-Safe text encoding to prevent potentially dangerous content in chat messages FEATURES:-Totally free and immediately ready to use-Chat Rooms support.To get an introduction to Sys Aid Chat, you can also check out this month's Sys Aid Chat Product Tutorial.

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On December 8, you'll be able to participate in another free live webinar, this time dedicated exclusively to the new Sys Aid Chat module.It's totally free and space is limited, so register now!With in-depth explanations of Sys Aid Chat's fully integrated capabilities, this webinar will show you how you can increase efficiency and improve your quality of service by establishing best IT communication practices.Register now for the Sys Aid Chat Webinar - space is limited!In preparation for the new year, this month is the time to learn how you can get the most out of the many features and two brand-new modules of our latest release, Sys Aid 6.5.

As I mentioned previously, one of the most impressive features included in Sys Aid 6.5 is the new Sys Aid Chat module.

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As an additional tool to help you promote your Sys Aid Internal Campaign, the Sys Aid Chat module encourages your end-users to turn to Sys Aid when they need to report a technical issue.

To see how Sys Aid Chat works in action, check out this month's Sys Aid Flash Tutorial: Working with Sys Aid Chat.

No more need to use external tools for messaging, chat directly in Share Point.