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Elements of the JPX design, like the radial pattern in the badge, appear to be in motion as light moves across the cavity.The linear etching in the badge transitions from thinner to thicker to symbolize the structures created by Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging HD process where grains of 1025E mild carbon steel are more densely aligned behind the hitting area.

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Mizuno’s fix was to push the cavity deeper towards the hosel.

In fact, the signature design feature of the entire JPX919 lineup is a cavity that extends beyond the typical hosel boundary.

An aesthetic approach rooted in dynamism doesn’t bring any performance advantage, but it speaks to Mizuno’s desire to create clubs that blend premium performance with thoughtful design.

The performance element of the JPX919 story begins with engineers looking for opportunities for improvement.

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The first is that with the three irons in the JPX lineup Mizuno will again be using three different materials; each selected to meet the specific demands of a JPX919 iron model.

While the word gets thrown around far too often, the JPX900 Tour exits the market achieving near status.

The primary structural difference between the 919 and the previous generation is the addition of what Mizuno calls a Stability Frame.

In simple terms, Stability Frame is a means to relocate mass where it isn’t needed, specifically the heel portion of the club, to areas where it’s more purposeful.

The challenge is particularly difficult in a compact iron where a healthy percentage of mass is already allocated to the hosel.