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He waved to a few people he recognized as he walked down the street, stopping only once when a white boy passing by had discretly asked him if he had any weed.

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Even soft it was impressive, at least six inches with a large dark brown head that gave way to a dick that most dudes Marcus encountered refused to be fucked by. Almost as impressive as his dick, they hung low between his leg at all time except right before was about to bust a nut. Marcus wanted to fuck as many niggas as possible before he committed to one.The few that did take the dick always came back for more. He liked when a nigga paid special attention to his nuts. " Marcus hated when niggas asked stupid ass questions. It would be Gotti if he waited that long, but if not, oh well. Runnin around here actin like a lil fuckin sissy cause I washed his flag wit some bleach by mistake." Deebo laughed and Marcus knew that it hadn't been a mistake. I bet it was over some ol nonsense." "Dat nigga spilled grape juice on my new white on whites." Deebo waited, knowing that there was no way that Marcus could argue. "Well, tell him I'll get him another one." "What about my sneakers? Like how could this nigga forget about my purple on white on white sneakers?Marcus tossed a fitted on his head and grabs his keys before heading out the door and onto the street.It wasen't a long walk from the crib to the block, so Marc decided to walk.Marcus Edwards looked out of his window and tried to figure out what he was going to get into that night. It was too hot to be packed inside a dark room with a hundred drunk, musty people. Marc tossed the sheets off his naked body and onto the floor. As he stood and stretched, his hard dick, stood straight out at its full twelve inches.

Maybe he could head down the way and check out them niggas on the 9th. Marc runs his hands over the du-rag keeping his shoulder length braids tight as he walks towards the bathroom and turns on the hot water. A nigga got tha weekend off and I'ma have some muhfuckin fun." Marcus tells himself as he picks up the soap and steps back from the spray of the water.He haden't know anyone over here since his grandmother moved from the old apartments down one 4th street.There was one long shot..homie still lived thereshit, if he even remembered Marcus. Yo, it's me Marcusmy grandmother used to live down the street we used to play after school.Work had been more than hectic, his boss on his back about every little thing for no reason. He quickly ran the bar over his hard-earned six packs and down to what one nigga called the best tasting dick in all of New York State. Yo, Gotti said stop by." "How that sexy lil fucka doin?It hung limp on his leg, soap and water running down its massive length. " Marcus couldn't help but smile every time he though about Deebos' little brother Gotti. Despite having big brothers blessing, Gotti wanted a nigga that was ready to settle down.Racing from under the shelter and out into the rain, Marcus sprinted across the street and, dodged a car before coming up on the curb and crossing the street again. " There was a pause, and for a second Marcus thought he may have rang the wrong buzzer. Ice nigga." Another pause, and then a loud mechanical click as the security door was unlocked.