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Among the pantheon of Mesopotamian gods, Nanna was supreme, because he was the source of fertility for crops, herds, and families.

The moon god and other deities were distant objects of worship, and they did not personally interact with men.

Abraham obeyed God’s call, and, when he arrived in the land of Canaan, he built an altar to Yahweh at Shechem (Genesis 12:7).

The moon was worshiped as the power that controlled the heavens and the life cycle on earth.

To the Chaldeans, the phases of the moon represented the natural cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death and also set the measurement of their yearly calendar.

The UR penalty regulations, found in Title 8, California Code of Regulations, sections 9792.11 - 9792.15, provide an enforcement mechanism to ensure utilization reviews are conducted in compliance with UR regulations.

Submitted utilization review plans These groups have filed UR plans with the DWC (please note that the list does not contain the names of individual employers that might be covered by these plans).Abraham chose to follow God alone, and he demonstrated his commitment by circumcising every male in his household.Though Abraham forsook moon worship, the worship of heavenly objects became a continual problem with his descendants.This program is used to decide whether or not to approve medical treatment recommended by a physician which must be based on the medical treatment guidelines.The UR process is governed by Labor Code section 4610 and regulations written by the CA Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC), which lay out timeframes and other rules for conducting UR.The rules, contained in Title 8, California Code of Regulations, sections 9792.6 et seq, also require UR plans to be filed with the DWC administrative director.