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You don’t need to apply months in advance, however, it’s recommended you get one at least 24 hours before you plan to depart.

No, APEC holders will need no visa for APEC Economies which already grant pre-clearance.The granting of pre-clearance is in the discretion of each APEC Economy.You will have to contact your local Australian mission for more information regarding your visa application.No, you will have to contact your nearest Australian Embassy for more info. The minimum period of stay granted to a cardholder is two (2) months / The maximum period of stay granted to a cardholder is three (3) months.In general, e Visitor Australia Visa holders can not work in Australia.

However, you might be able to work as a volunteer if: You will need a Transit Visa if you plan to travel through Australia to another country, but certain rules apply.

It is required for entrance into Australia and can be obtained from the airport or at an online travel agent.

However, to ease up the process i Visa offers you a more user-friendly platform for you to apply for your Australia ETA NOTE - Not all countries qualify for the ETA, refer to our website for a list of qualified countries: Detailed Information on your Australian ETA: It's important to enter your name in the correct order, see below for more info: Special Characters Special characters must be converted to English characters (examples: Ü, Æ, Ö, Ă).

You can [get your visa for Australia at /visa-australia Each child traveling must obtain an ETA before departing.

Each application is separately processed and cannot be joined with your own.

The following categories of travelers are eligible to transit through Australia without applying for a visa.