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Dating back to 3200BC, the houses are remarkably civilised with stone beds and seats.

Between Skara Brae and Maes Howe is the Ring of Brodgar, a stone circle dating back to 2000BC and similar to Stonehenge.

Maes Howe near Stromness on Orkney is a stone built chambered tomb designed so that the sun shines directly down the carefully aligned entrance passageway, flooding the main chamber with light on the winter solstice.

People have lived in Scotland since pre-historic times, over 12,000 years ago.Remains of bloodstone tools and nut processing sites have been found on the West coast and Isles.It covers services for all sort of occasions and has 55 pages on marriage services including wording of vows, scripture readings, order of service, marriage blessings, etc.Approx 1/4 of this book has been translated into Gaelic for those wanting a Gaelic service.Scotland has long been known as a romantic venue for a wedding, not least through the historic connection with Gretna Green.

However in recent years its reputation as an A list wedding venue has been enhanced by weddings in Scotland of such celebrities as J. Rowling (2001), Ashley Judd (2001), Jennifer Ehle (2001), Stella Mc Cartney (2003) and Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall (2011).The celtic knotwork and decoration which is still admired today began in this period and the celts loved to decorate metal work and wore colourful clothes and jewellery.The Romans called the tribes of the north ' Caledoni' and named their land Caledonia.For a more academic approach to reading about traditional weddings, contact one of the following Selected from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University (the world's foremost authority on Scottish customs). The book is £6.50 including postage This issue has 53 pages on marriage, courtship and betrothal customs from all over Scotland. The issue has 111 pages total and to subscribe to for a year (4 issues) is also £6.I think it's excellent and essential for anyone interested in Scottish customs.You can also ask The Scottish Bible Society if you have any questions about religious material.