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Because the actor is aware of the history of Aniston’s complicated feelings about her mother, he “doesn’t judge her for the feelings she’s having,” according to the source.“He pointed out that Jen didn’t love her mom, and she’s mourning the loss of the mother she would never know,” explained the insider.

Another insider quoted by the media outlet revealed that he’s enjoying having his friends visit.

Early on in their friendship, the duo loved to go out with Bullock’s boyfriend, Bryan Randall, and Aniston’s then-husband Justin Theroux before the latter couple ended their two-year marriage in late 2017..

You've a secondary nervous system in your digestive system. If there's one thing the Ellie Goulding/Ed Sheeran/Niall Horan thing has taught us it's that they really don't make celebrity love triangles like they used to.

Ed has oh-so-graciously "forgiven" Horan, pictured, for the rumours about the One Direction star cheating with Sheeran's then-girlfriend, Goulding, because the ginger one "got a song out of it." (The song was called Don't). Because as much as a romantic menage a trois might be evidence that both you lads are men of the world,... "I think she's had a little bit tweaking but not a lot, " says The Derma Clinic's Patricia Molloy.

Sandra told Bryan she was touched by the respect he showed her in discussing the idea and considering her feelings before taking the actual plunge and buying the ring.” Of course, this just seems like a convenient way for the magazine to explain why Bullock hasn’t been spotted wearing an engagement ring.

Still, the untrustworthy outlet goes on to say that the actress and photographer are secretly organizing a small wedding on an exotic island for either late spring or early summer."She's possibly had a little bit of volumising filling but nothing major and that's...Frizz is not a hair style most of us seek to achieve.“Sandra was there when Jen and Justin got divorced,” says the source.“She was someone Jen could lean on.” Though Aniston, 50, wasn’t in the picture when Bullock, 54, endured a devastating split from husband Jesse James in 2010, she was there for her friend when Bullock’s father and two dogs died within weeks of one another last fall.“Jen was extremely thoughtful when Sandy’s dad passed away,” adds the insider, likely because she’d lost her mom — with whom she had a famously difficult relationship — just two years earlier.“They’ve bonded because they each had complicated relationships with a parent.” star “adores” Randall.