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Out-of-court liquidation does not require the filing of a complaint or evidence to demonstrate that the debtor is in payments cessation.

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The “#1 online professional tax software” statement is based on Intuit internal data of the number of paid users of Pro Connect Tax Online for tax year 2016 (formerly called Intuit Tax Online) compared to publicly available statements from competitors for the same time period.

You may be required to register to collect, accrue, and remit taxes or fees if you are engaged in activities associated with a tax or fee.

You must register before you begin your business activities.

Once registered, you can enroll to file and pay electronically.

You must provide certain information depending on the type of business and the taxes for which you are registering, such as business activities, business location, and opening date.

You can download a chart which shows the required identification and owner information based on the legal entity of the applicant.The liquidator becomes the manager and director of the company and has all the powers to sell, lease and represent the company.The liquidator’s main responsibility is to sell all the company’s assets, rights, goods and properties in order to pay off the acknowledged creditors.Partners may agree on a voluntary dissolution of the company.Such resolution shall be approved at a partners’ meeting (dissolution meeting), in which one or more liquidators are appointed.For more information on a specific tax or fee, visit the Department's Taxes and Fees or Refunds webpage. Depending on the organization's structure and activities, registration with other agencies may also be required.