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The coward, RABBI YISROEL BELSKY, lectures us regarding "DINA D'MALCHUSA DINA" in the "PRACTICAL HALACHA" caregory, among other topics; including "THE HALACHOS OF SUMMER – 35 IMPORTANT SHAILOS ()". I Wonder if GORNISH talks about that treifa Shwarma place on Ave M that he allowed to exist; and how easy bribery can be in the "Kashrus" market.

May the all merciful G-D, King of all kings, be there to comfort his most prized possessions, HIS CHILDREN!!!!!!!does; then by all means, go ahead and entertain yourself to hearts content. go ahead and help support the likes of a RABBI ELIEZER GINSBURG, a guy who advised parents not to contact the POLICE in the dangerous child predator; Stefan Colemar case.He is also a published author and has created characters for DC Comics' "Legion Of Superheros".This blog is dedicated to all those who suffered abuse at the hands of shameless Rabbis and religious institutions.Street Smart Game Shows, Energized Realty Group, Ulrich Studios, Frum Divorced Dads, Liz Wallenstein, LMHC - Psychological Counseling & Therapy, NYC, Young Israel of Oceanside, Carrot Seed Photography, Neshoma Advocates, Inc., Ben Pianko Show, Jeremy Feldhamer: Comedy Hypnotist & Mentalist, Heart to Heart, De Clutter Master, Academi Q.com, Maserati, Jean-Patrick Abergel‎, Charlie Harary, Yeshivat Ohr David, Talia Reese, Oceanside Library (NY), First Home Realty LI, Esther Goldstein LCSW, Kindness Is Contagious - KIC #kicitfordaniella, Rabbi Dovid M.

Cohen, Alon Haim Home Selling Expert, V&N Realty, Eli Beer - Founder of United Hatzalah, CROM Physical Culture, Steven A.Listen to him tell you stories that never happened.Listen to his speeches on "EMUNAH AND BITACHON" - and then ask this donkey, how he could he protect Colemar and at the same time preach to us about life and G-D? GORNISH, the big-shot Kashrus Maven, discusses "RESTAURANTS AND CATERING HALLS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND WHY".Stop trying to impress us with your foolishness, Shloimela. You are a living mockery of what authentic Torah Judiasim is supposed to be.Covering up sexual, physical, and emotional abuse is criminal.Abraham High School For Girls, Joseph Waks, Chabad of Oceanside New York, Breakthrough Dating, DRS Yeshiva High School, Penny & Co.