R4ids cn r4i gold v1 4 1 updating patch

* Nintendo DSi/DSi LL/DSi XL: V1.4.5, DSi V1.4.4, V1.4.2, V1.4.1, V1.4. R4i Gold 3DS flash cart is a very good card released by r4team, you may have known many different R4 card and R4 bad cards, this one is not one of them, R4i gold 3ds card is the best of them, R4i gold card has 100% game compatibility, which means it can play nearly all the games, with wood firmware, this card updates much frequently to support more new games and more importantly, this card can always release the update patch quickly when a new 3DS or DSi firmware comes out.

Copy and paste these 2 items into the root directory of your memory card. For r4 gold pro shipped after July 23rd, 2018, please use kernel r4pro20181224.R4-DS-AU also provide pre-install service for this R4 Gold Pro.R4i SDHC Dual Core flash cart is a very good flashcart released by R4i team.This card has nearly 100% game compatibility, you can play all the ds games with this card, the firmware of this card also updates quickly to support the new games and the future 3DS update.There are two update methods - (a) Update via a Firmware Burner; (b) Update on a console.

(a) Click and go to r4official download page, find and download the one shown as deluxe edition firmware v2.x download, get plus_firmware_update_v2_x.rar, extract and get a UPDATE.bin, copy and save this to the root directory where the kernel files are, now connect memory card, R4i GOLD PLUS and burner into PC USB port, wait for several minutes till flashes into LED lights on. If you do not have this blue burner, you can find a console to update following method (b).

Most of time, we need use R4i Gold_3DS62_Patch_NDSi_3to update.

If you have any questions about setting up your R4i Gold card, contact us freely.

this card can play all the ds games with very good game compatibility.

It is a user friendly card, you can set up it in a few mins.

R4i Gold was known for golden-like box dating back to the year of 2009.