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I’ve now seen three different pictures of who “Kevin” supposedly is. A subdomain being advertised on 2/6/09 on Myspace is mylife.and has picture of a different person than the main url, but the text and offers are mostly the same. Odd that she shows her with her husband – in the same photo that many Kevin Hoeffer sites claim is Kevin… Same text, same reused comments (included our beloved kellyboy596 seen everywhere). By 2/6/09 it was back to the usual “Kevin” photo and advertising on Facebook.

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Typical fake blog template of the “Kevin Hoeffer” family. By 2/19 name was changed to “Corey Matthews.”Clone of all the “Kevin Hoeffer” blogs found here, using the name “Corey Donahue.” Advertised on Fox News on 2/20/09.Includes a disclaimer that mentions the short trial period, but not the fact that the photo, testimonial, and comments are phony. Exact “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site but using the name “Dave Williams.” They forgot to alter the phony check picture – which still says “Kevin Hoeffer” on it! I had to take a screenshot before they notice that one.It’s summer, which means fleas are out and about in abundance but what are the best flea treatments for dogs?You know the drill when your dogs gets fleas: vacuuming, washing pet beds, getting the flea comb out, and, of course, applying flea treatment to your pet.Saw advertised on Facebook 2/12/09Typical fake blog layout, fake checks, fake bio, 2-part product scam, and phony comments.

Uses the name “Dave Collins.” Funny note that it says “2 comments” but 10 comments follow.

That is usually an automated process, so it shows more fakery.

Same comments used in debt-free-debbie and the original debt-free-dante, which now forwards elsewhere.

Same Google/Grant products which lead to the same products many of the others here peddle. The main page has nothing on it but the subdirectory “/u” has a similar blog and text feel with the same “Google Kit” the others are all peddling.

Uses the name “Jake Cutler.” and site created January 2009. Same text, comments, fake checks, “just pay shipping” scam. Uses the name “Jason Dodd.” Love the fake Google-looking ads at the top of the page! 2/22/09 back to a blog format, using the name “Tom Steinbach.”Updated looking template, but still uses that same photo as the original “Kevin Hoeffer” – using the name “Mark Hoeffer.” Same fake story, fake photos, “free shipping” bait. Uses the name “Mike Kingston.” Thanks to commenter Lee for pointing this one out.00 check, “Nirvan Hoeffer”, same layout, some borrowed comments from other sites (Kellyboy596, ex.). By 2/22/09 site is working again, but name is now “Nirvan Sandler.”Sent to this page when attempting to click away from on 2/6/09, which to me is a red flag about this site.

So if you are considering giving amount of money to the sites listed below, you may regret it.