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Even as a nurse she won’t earn as much in the Philippines as working as a domestic help in Hong Kong.

It pays for her to be away from her house husband and three children. In Hong Kong where Cantonese is the dominant dialect, she gets sparsely by with few essential words when doing her day’s shopping.

In Hong Kong, they earn a good salary which contributes towards a better life at home.

In some families, two maids are employed instead of one, each with specific duties.

There’s a couple I know with three maids, but they have five children and are both business professionals.

Some of the large churches are largely frequented by them.

In Hong Kong, more than any other cities in Asia, this social phenomenon is to be seen to believe.

She does benefit from the family’s outings to restaurants for “dim sum” or lunch/dinner and even on trips to Macau and other places of interest.

For instance, Elsie is looking forth to going into China again with the family during the coming Christmas break.

They have one maid just to drive the kids to school and back.

One to cook and the third for general cleaning all three floors of their condominium apartment – combined, designed and refurbished into one luxurious apartment.

The affluence of the Hongkees does stretch on a great economic scale of needs.

One would be a largely absentee employer because of her constant travel or another would be a single mother.

With the family she works for, her English is an asset.