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Cancer is the emotional "you," your sense of belonging and connection to mother, family, culture, and heritage.

On the most basic level, Aquarius is the open and forward-thinking mind.

It embodies the ability to tap into the collective and share what's learned with the rest of humanity.

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It's your unique personal center and the energy of the sign it occupies colors every aspect of your life. It's the masculine (outgoing), cardinal (initiating), fire (passionate) sign of the zodiac.

On the most basic level, Aries is about the development of self and is inextricably connected with the concept of beginnings and charging full speed at life.A Gemini Sun gifts you with the ability to process experience and information mentally and give it personal meaning. It's the feminine (receptive), cardinal (initiating), water (emotional) sign.At its most basic level, it's charged with creating a sense of security for the self through the sensitive attunement to emotions.At its most basic, Sagittarius about the endless quest for knowledge.Sagittarius is the joyful "you." It embodies your capacity for optimism, sociability, expansiveness, and hope for the future.Positive Sagittarius is: A Sagittarius Sun gifts you with optimism, philosophical understanding, a restless sense of adventure, and an idealistic faith in the future. It's the feminine (receptive), cardinal (initiating), Earth (practical) sign of the zodiac.