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Whether it's lingerie for the bedroom, something to spice up your love life (or attract the attention of someone that will help your love life), something for a fancy dress party or a costume, or simply for the daily expression of your true self, Music Legs know their customers demands and cater for them accordingly!

Offering hosiery, stockings, tights, pantyhose, knee highs, thigh highs, leggings, ankle socks, waist booty shorts, hotpants, gloves and arm warmers.

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For incredible comfort, try crotchless men’s pantyhose.These provide the same light support to your legs, without the uncomfortable tightness of traditional pantyhose. Pantyhose from Hot Legs USA are made of the highest quality, softest materials which are durable and tear resistant.Draw attention to your legs with high gloss peavey pantyhose or go for a more subtle look with footless sheer pantyhose.No matter what type of style you have, men’s pantyhose are great for year round use.The clutch, which can be substituted for gloves or a bouquet of flowers, is so Kate always has something to do with her hands. It also has the added effect of deterring people for reaching for her hand to shake—which is a royal no-go.

Music Legs design a huge range of sexy stockings, thigh-highs, socks, underwear & tights!The costume range that Music Legs offers is staggering, and they also sell Onesies!: Feline Villain, Innocent Jester, Cozy Bear, Chubby Panda, Striped Tiger, Adorable Hamster, Jumping Kangaroo, Monster Z, Snuggly Giraffe, Comfy Shark, Guinea Pig, Curvaceous School Nerd, Military General Uniform, Sexy City Cop Uniform, Plus Size Goddess, Lady Lumberjack, Gothic Child, Steampunk Pilot, Corrections Officer, Attractive Bunny, Skeleton Catsuit, Night Shift Lady Cop, Mechanical Skeleton, Traffic Stopper, Law Enforcer, FBI Secret Agent, SWAT Hottie, High Seas Captain Pirate, Universal Soldier, Space Cadet, Hospital Risque Nurse, Women's Sports Referee, Adventurous Wonder Rabbit, Mardi Gras Beauty, Magical Fairy, Harem Princess, Black Magic Bat, North Pole Santa, Cute Ghost, Sweet Pumpkin, Wild Lion, Adorable Koala, Nightmare Killer Doll, and so, so many more.Hot Legs USA stocks enough different types of pantyhose for men that you never have to be uncomfortable again.Crotchless nylons are the solution to a common pantyhose-wearing problem.But even Kate, with her subtle and stylish rebellions, isn’t a total sartorial black sheep when it comes to royal protocol.