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I believe it's possible to find harmony, comfort, care and love with someone, ... That's why we are searching, and describing what we desire. I about fell over when I read where you said he was and that He too told me his duaghter's name was Vera. He has never talked sexual, never mentioned money, until yestarday, said he was hurt in a previous relationship and that he just wanted to start as friends. I'm not sure how to upload the photo's of him, but he first contacted me on myspace. He has never been sexual and has always been very sweet, as I see from the many letters above, this is his tool.

To give and receive Love and Hope, with the special partner, To find union of hearts, ... I even have a photo he sent me of the two of them together. He talks of family and how his heart was burned, because "my ex was caught on bed w/my best friend" as he put it.

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Looking into your eyes alone, shows me a beautiful world.And i guess i'll be the luckiest man getting to talk to you.I have no bad habit, don't smoke and don't drink stong alcool.i want find a lady with whom I will share all good and bad things of life.I am not perfect and accept her fault if it's not too bad for me and if she accept mine.you sounds really amazing and your words is also heart warming that i have to read it all over and over again...

i will like to now you better and maybe we can be good friends no one knows what may happen lol..

You walked into my life a stranger a mere few days ago and my life hasn't been the same since. During the moments I tried to turn away for fear of the unknown, you planted your heels and looked deep in my soul and stayed. i lost my wallects and some funds inside it baby that is why i am asking you for a favour.. i am finacially secure but i will get my payments in a few weeks time as soon as i accomplished my work over here that is why i am asking you a Kinda help.. because of the love and feelings i have for you, i will do everything to make you happy darling....

You compromised your life and your goals to help me survive... i want you to trust me just for once;-%%- Here is my yahoo messenger ID/ faithseeker0060 / you can add me Up so we could get to chat better, You can always send an email to my personal E-mail Address via faithseeker0060 same as the yahoo address...

This is my last day on the site, you may not find my profile anymore so i adore you to add me or send me an email..

take care Regards Thanks Hello Thank you so much for spending your time to write the wonderful email and i am so glad to hear from you..

Tuurlijk weet ik wel dat je alleen maar voor de mooie gebouwen komt. Boek dan een rondleiding met enthousiaste gids over de wallen.