Nstableview not updating

My application includes an ordered array of key-value pairs, where both keys and values are NSStrings. The pairs are stored in a NSMutable Array (self.tags).

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I am executing an Apple Script and then passing the resulting information to my dictionary. The returned data is right now I am creating a key for each speaker and then displaying that information but now I think I need to designate a key for speaker and a key for state. Is there a row index on the NSDictionary to associate the speaker key and the state key? I know this isn't the correct way to do it but it works.

i have a very strange problem with NSTable View in XCode 4.2. My table has 3 columns where each of the column has an identifier ("name","mugshot","last Seen").

You should not, therefore, directly set data values programmatically in the table view; instead, modify the values in the data source and allow the changes to be reflected in the table view. For example, the delegate supports table column management, type-to-select functionality, row selection and editing, custom tracking, and custom views for individual columns and rows.

You must whitelist the url's that your app will call out to using the LSApplication Queries Schemes key in your Info.plist.

Xcode: 3.1.2 I have a NSTable View I am updating from a NSDictionary.

The tableview has a checkbox that was added with IB.You can force yourself to get a callback by calling location Manager.request State For Region(region) when your app starts up.ios,xcode,swift,uitableview,tableviewcell Because you are using reusable cells when you try to select a cell that is not in the screen anymore the app will crash as the cell is no long exist in memory, try this: if let last Cell = Face For Row At Index Path(last Index Path) as!ios,objective-c,swift,storyboard,segue What the show (e.g. Push) segue does internally is to call -[UIView Controller show View Controller:sender:] Calling this method on your view controller itself, will trigger the appropriate way of presenting the view controller you are passing.// Swift View Controller(view Controller To Show, sender: self) // Objective-C [self show View Controller: view Controller To Show sender: self]; The animation can be...The five methods under "NSText Delegate Method Implementations" are NOT your delegate methods, but the delegate methods of the field editor.You can use a custom field editor, but I did not want that. This is a very simplistic example: class My View Controller : UITable View Controller { var texts = [Int: String]() func table View(table View:...