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Read my article on finding Ho Chi Minh’s best red light district areas if you want to meet local Viet girls.

Sax n’ Art Jaxx Club – You may also love contemporary jazz music then you should include in your list Sax n’ Art Jaxx Club where these genre is being played all night long.

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Vietnam is indeed one of the countries in Asia that receive a lot of good reviews and feedback and as I was able to visit the country, I definitely find the country as a very interesting and great one especially when it comes to their culture and of course, their girls.If you want to meet girls in Ho Chi Minh for free, then check out this article.The bar does actually have their own musicians who are able to bring the fun and exciting ambiance in the place.You can also chill out in the bar for they have their own cafe where you can have your own cafe if ever you are tired or drunk enough inside the bar.Acoustic Bar is operational from 6pm until 12midnight from Mondays to Sundays.

Hard Rock Cafe – From the name of the place itself, they sure have their own music bands as well who’s in charge with the great entertainment the bar offers their customers.

The city is now one of the top destinations in the country and it is definitely because of their girls.

Meeting a Ho Chi Minh girl is surely a great experience especially when you are able to get along with them and experience how great they are.

They are also whiter compared to Thai girls and a bit more curvy than other Asian girls which tourists should forward to when meeting a Vietnam girl.

If you wanted to look for these girls in Vietnam, there is this one city in the country where you can find a lot of beautiful Vietnam girls which is the city of Ho Chi Minh.

They have their traditional instruments on stage which were surely able to bring the relaxing atmosphere all around the club.