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Martin Marinov had the following podium finishes at the Flatwater World Championships: 2nd 1987 C1 1000 m, 3rd 1989 C1 500 m, 3rd 1994 C2 500 m (with [Blagovest Stoyanov]), 3rd 1995 C2 200 m (with [Blagovest Stoyanov]).Marinov won all his four medals while representing Bulgaria.She then finished second, 0.035 seconds behind Japan's Shinobu Kitamoto.

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Diana Zlatanova 2007: BSc in Biology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University "St. Research Visits: February 2012: Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden Participation in scientific meetings: Marinov, M., M. Comparison of exploratory behaviour in two subspecies of the willow warbler .

3rd International Conference "Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife", 27 – 29 September 2016, Arbanassi, Bulgaria.

Do mixed haemosporidian infections exert additive effects on the behaviour of a passerine host? Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife, 7 – 11 August 2013, Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Prevalence of Blood Parasites in Birds of Different Personalities: Comparative Research in Certain European Bird Species.

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