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The study was conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Colorado-Boulder.It examines the impact of the Legal Arizona Workers Act, which took effect January 2008.

It requires employers in Arizona to use E-Verify, an online system by the federal government that’s used to verify a worker’s identity and authorization to work in the U. The law also imposes sanctions on employers who hire unauthorized workers, including suspending business licenses for the first offense and revoking business licenses for the second offense.Brian Cadena, associate professor of economics at the University of Colorado-Boulder, co-authored the study.In a bizarre sentence that contradicts much of the rest of her testimony, Berryhill stated that, “Mandatory use of E-Verify by employers would help reduce the incidence of fraudulent use of SSNs.” That is exactly backward.Mandatory E-Verify will greatly expand the fraudulent use of SSNs.That move immediately increased the value of having an SSN, even if it was fraudulent.

The result, after 1986, was a massive boom in the creation and sale of black market SSNs, identity theft, and voluntary identity loans that allow employers to obey the letter of the law when collecting I-9 forms and for illegal immigrants to continue to work.

PHOENIX — An Arizona law requiring employers to verify that new hires are authorized to work in the United States is deterring undocumented immigrants from coming and staying in the state, a new study finds.

“We find that an Arizona law reducing employment opportunities for unauthorized migrants decreased emigration from and increased return migration to Mexican source regions with strong initial ties to Arizona,” authors of the study stated.

If the employee and employer cannot sort out the errors then the employer must terminate the new employee through a “final non-confirmation.” The I-9 form and E-Verify have serious problems, including the encouragement of rampant identity theft, but those problems would only grow with an E-Verify mandate.

When the government mandated that new hires prove that they are eligible to work in the United States through IRCA, they made the SSN an identifier that can prove legal work authorization.

Before the widespread use of the SSN outside of Social Security programs (for purposes such as establishing credit), there were few incentives to obtain fraudulent SSNs or counterfeit cards.