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This company is essentially a marketplace that links chat agencies to qualified chatters.

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She fell pregnant at 17 and survived on just £42.50 a week in benefits.Her first Christmas as a mum in 2002 saw her cry over a Pot Noodle and gift her seven-month-old son Jack* a £5 rattle.Viewers would also ask her to eat food, wear fetish outfits, or sit in a certain way. While a friend of hers was paid £200 by a man to attack him, she said she never met customers offline because she feared for her safety.To protect her identity, the woman would wear wigs and disguise her voice.You are your own boss and the more you chat the more money you earn.

The good thing about this company is that it allows women 18 years and older from all over the world to participate.Luckily I haven’t met anyone yet from my actual uni,” she said. By now, you must have heard about work from home job opportunities where you sign up and start earning money right in the comfort of your home by doing small tasks.This is perhaps the most popular chat website that allows women to chat with men. This site focuses on women chatting with men through a chat console and the women are known as a chat hostess.The website seeks women who have: However, a participant must be at least years old to qualify as a chat hostess.The company pays through Pay Pal and participants can make withdrawals twice per month.