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You will, in this case too, need a subscription to have the watch fully working.Features: Subscription: Required Supported OS: Android, i OSColors: Blue, Pink Price: $$Available On: Verizon Overview: Tancent QQwatch, a fancy-looking wrist watch, comes in with a tracking system combined with Camera, Wi Fi, GPS, LBS and Gravity Sensor.

The question you might have, as your kid is very young, how can he hold the device in his pocket? It has a strap with a clip on its top that is attachable to pants or belts.However, it does need a sim card with a 2G data plan from T-Mobile, AT&T or their own company.It is not that they are less in quantity and models, in fact, so many devices and opinions make it difficult to choose the right one.I will, therefore, try to lower the pain by making a list of 11 best of them and they are as followed.The company claims that it is almost a full-featured 2G cell phone.

All you will need is a 2G sim card that would work on a regular phone.It utilizes 3-way locators, Wi FI – GPS – LBS for providing accurate location information.The mobile app (supported on i OS or Android) will have the information delivered.There are two separate models available, one for US (GSM 850/1900), another for EU (GSM 900/1800).So if you are looking into this product, kindly make sure that is the right one for your continent.Features: Subscription: Required Supported OS: Android, i OSColors: Yello, Blue, Pink Price: $$Available On: Amazon Overview: GBD gps tracker uses three modes GPS, AGPS and LBS to provide location information on their app, that is available both on android and ios.