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A tabloid claims Leonardo Di Caprio’s girlfriend Camila Morrone is upset that he’s still in touch with some of his exes. “He’s happy to introduce his exes to people who could help their careers,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “Leo & Camila’s Trust Issues” reads a headline in the latest issue of The accompanying article says the actor still talks to a few of his former girlfriends and has even tried to help them make connections in Hollywood.

He moved on with Bar Refaeli, who was 20 when they first hooked up and 25 when they split.In 2011 Di Caprio, then 36, dated Blake Lively, then 24.Gisele Bundchen was Leonardo Di Caprio's first real public love affair.Since then, he's gone on to win an Oscar and romance a slew of supermodels under the age of 25 — but he's never brought another galpal on the red carpet since splitting with the Brazilian beauty.From 2000 to 2005, they were one of the most beautiful couples on the planet.

Now, he's still swinging single with his infamous posse, while she's married to Tom Brady, with whom she shares two kids.

The movie star’s romance has been the subject of a lot of false reports as of late.

Last month, Gossip Cop busted a magazine for falsely claiming after seeing Bradley Cooper settle down.

in October 2004, "I lost a lot of money, but all I wanted was to be with my mom and dad and my sisters.

I think the hard way is the best way to learn, because it forces you to go deep inside yourself to figure things out, [and now] I am thankful for that time, because I learned so much. You can't be scared." Gisele was the only woman other than his mom that Di Caprio ever took the Oscars.

Gisele may have made a living posing for flashbulbs, but she was never happy about paparazzi stalking her every move outside of the controlled scenes of a runway or photo shoot.