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Okay, let me not beat around the bush, it seemed to me, at least, like he had raped her. Lawrence made her a victim of circumstance, and my heart broke for her.Things with her bo(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.

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Poor Connie was basically ignored by Cliff while he was doing major work to make his company a global name, and having left New York and her whole life behind for him, Connie had nothing to occupy her time.Even worse was the fact that even when she put in the effort and tried to spend time with him, or took an opportunity to try and make love with him, he ultimately…. And their passions were brought to an untimely end.You won't be lost at all, as this story stands on it's own merit.DRC provided by Pocket Star books via Edelweiss(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.So Connie's indiscretions, while they do pull some sympathy from me, aren't as excusable as the original.

For this installment of this serial novel, the scene is set for Connie to look somewhere other than her unsatisfying long term relationship with her live in boyfriend.

Cliff was pretty focused on his company, which I totally understood, but at the same time he was letting his relationship die.

The relationship really needed a little bit of effort from him to keep it going, but he just wasn’t paying Connie any attention at all. HTFU was very sexy, and it was easy to see why Connie began thinking about him, even though cheating is not the answer to relationship problems.

Lady Chatterly's husband was unable to love her in more ways than one, but in this book, Connie's boyfriend is just busy.

It's a choice that Connie and he make to not be intimate, whereas in Lady Chatterly's Lover, sex wasn't an option at all.

Lawrence’s controversial early 20th century tale Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Belle sets her story in Palo Alto, California where Connie Chatterley is torn between marrying her tech genius boyfriend or giving him up for a fling with a masculine, muscular fitness coach.”- – RT book reviews, THE BOOKS BEFORE THE BUZZLady Chatterley's Lover was one of my first forays into erotica..compared to modern erotic books, it wasn't too taboo. And I remember how easy it was to pardon Lady Chatterly for her infidelity.