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James has acted in theatrical productions, like: “Three Sisters”, “A Respectable Wedding”, “Severity's Mistress”, and “Sexual Perversity” in Chicago.

He starred in the 2003 film “Rolling Kansas”, and appeared in the movie adaptation of “The Dukes Of Hazzard” with role of Billy Prickett in the 2005, and next year in the “Beerfest”.

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But James himself hasn't been as successful at solving another big mystery that baffles many people: how to make it big in Hollywood.Today we examine why that might be so rough for him.They also worked on a script for the film adaptation of the video game “Driver”.Roday directed his first film “Gravy” in 2013, written with Todd Harthan. In 2002, he and fellow New York University theater student Brad Raider founded the Red Dog Squadron theater troupe, which now holds a residence at the prestigious Circle Theater in L. As co-artistic director of the troupe, he has written, directed, and performed plays on stage with the group and still continues to work with them today, as well as teaching classes and workshops for those who want to know just how meant for the stage they are.

's success, Roday has never had the chance to take a large part in a big money movie.

During the early 2000s, he become guest starring and co-starring roles on few movies and TV projects, including “Get Real”, “Repli-Kate”, “Providence”, “Showtime”, “Don't Come Knocking”.

He also launched his own theater company in Los Angeles, called “Red Dog Squadron”.

He starred on the TV series “Psych” as hyper-observant consultant detective and fake psychic Shawn Spencer.

In addition to this work, he has also appeared in the movie, “Gamer”, and occasionally announces for the WWE.

In the 1998 he selected the professional name James Roday as there was already another “James Rodriguez” registered in the Screen Actors Guild.