my dad dating again Is michael phelps dating anyone

But it reeks of obese, ignorant hausfrau or pimply, fat straight teenager to say "I can't take any more of this nonsense" or "shut up!!!! At this point and with very little free time most of his life, his mother probably is his best friend. But the women who usually date these high profile guys are either groupies or close enough to it to still want to be recognized even when they know the truth. How does that equal gay and why is he obligated to share details about his love life?

She's been his biggest fan since he was a little kid. He probably hasn't had much of a chance to develop much of an intimate relationship with anyone. Phelps is straight and cheated on his then girlfriend with every available drunk Michigan chick he could find while he was a "student" there. That is a private matter for some celebrities and athletes.

Phelps is definitely not my type - but he's been pinging since day 1. Michael was making a move on Stephanie Rice of Australia (as reported in the news). He knew that if he trained like crazy and won 8 gold medals, he would be able to cash in with his fame.

Top US blog site The Huffington Post also carried the rumoured romance on its homepage.Rice earlier this year was forced to come out and say she's not a party girl after raunchy Facebook photos of her and friends caused a sensation on the internet and were censored by swimming officials.The latter is arguably more offensive but both are equally idiotic. I hope a butt naked Jake shows up on your doorstep one day with his legs hooked over his boyfriend's shoulders and deposits a huge mountain of cum on your doorstep.I don't really care what he is, straight, bi, gay, it's all good. Then again, you'd still be clueless enough to say it was a mirage or a comet.The Post reported: "The Baltimore Bullet swooped in for the lip-lock with the 20-year-old brunette just weeks after she split from Aussie swimmer Eamon Sullivan."All the swimmers are talking about it, and (Sullivan) is cut up about what happened," a source said.

The day after, Phelps and Rice cheekily posed together for Speedo - laughing and playfully groping each other as a photographer snapped them in their swimsuits."I definitely admire him for his athletic ability and everything he's achieved," gushed Rice, who won three gold medals of her own."I'm just really glad to be in the mix with that."The UK's Sun online linked to the breaking story.It is real easy to say: "I'm single and looking right now." And gender does not even need to be added to that statement.Had he done so, none of us would be having this "conversation.""Beard comes across like a real cunt in the link. Riiight, after winning a slew of gold medals after training for a lifetime, rather than concentrate on the business of being the most celebrated athlete in the world, he's decided to really focus on sending furtive confirmations regarding his sexual orientation to that segment of the gay population that can't get on with their lives before making everybody within earshot aware that they are gay and that it really makes a difference. Phelps may not be gay but making statements like that aren't going to help his case for being straight very much.Likewise with gay celebrities who want to remain in the closet.Actually the kicker for me was: "I'm able to relax and be with my friends.Also, Amanda Beard shot Phelps down by saying she had a boyfriend. In college he used to hook up with women despite having a girlfriend. BTW, if Phelps wants to sue me for slander I would win guaranteed. I would not expect him to be out partying every night and having a steady girlfriend when the promise of millions of dollars await him.