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In this case, the family court will mediate the divorce.

To apply for this, consult a legal representative as each case and documents that need to be submitted differ.

This document needs to be filled in by both parties in the marriage, as well as two different individuals above the age of 20.

You will also need to present your legal ID, such as a passport or your residence card.Ideally, you should both be present when submitting the divorce papers, but one of the two can submit the document on behalf of both parties as well.If this is the case, a divorce can be finalized within an hour or two at the city hall where the two individuals are officially registered in.If this is the case, all you need to have is a rikon todoke (離婚届), a certificate of divorce, which you can obtain at any city hall in Japan, but submit only at the one you are registered in.This is when a divorce cannot be completed by family court.

Instead, an application is sent to the district court for a decision.As complicated as divorces can be, the actual procedure of finalizing your divorce in Japan can be quite simple.That is, given the condition that the divorce is amicable, mutually agreed on, and the couple does not have children.This document should be translated into Japanese and show the details of the authorizing party.In case the document is issued in your country, it needs to be officially verified through an apostille.After a decision, the court issues a copy (which is certified) and a certificate of settlement, which is then attached to divorce registration.