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Danielle Colby and her husband Alexander De Meyer lives in Chicago being proud parents of two children.Alexandre De Meyer is a very famous French graphic designer whose good eye towards fashion designing led his blueprints to make their home in Michelin Museum.American Picker’s Danielle Colby had two daughters with her ex-husband Kevin.

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The show has garnered a number of fans around the world who have flocked to his shop in the middle of Iowa.His client list has also grown from photographers, collectors, art directors and interior designers to include musicians, celebrities and athletes. Despite the attention Mike remains serious about his craft.The way Alexandre blended in his traditional French artwork with the latest American trends received much critical acclaim among famous graphic designers, which eventually led to him designing a blueprint for Michelin Museum, and taking part in other famous structural projects, some of which still exist in present-day Chicago.Alexandre is also heavily tattooed, not unlike his partner Danielle Colby, the style for most of which was designed by Alexandre himself, extremely inspired by the American tattoo trend very evident in movies from the 1960s and the 1970s.He has also expanded into social networking with a forum for children called Kid Pickers, where children share their stories and finds from foraging through old items.

He’s also had two books published by Macmillan, deals worth million combined.American Pickers has become one of History Channel’s highest rated series.Now in it’s fifth season Mike Wolfe is paid 0 thousand per season.If you are desperate to know about Ameican Pickers’ Danielle Colby’s Net Worth, you’ll have to wait a little more because we haven’t told you all about her married life and husband.A few years following the divorce, Danielle had fallen in love with Alexander De Meyer, whom she had met when the latter had been hired to design a logo for her boutique 4 Miles 2 Memphis back in 2011. Alexander’s career then relied mainly on his skills as a designer being put to good use in creating posters, artwork, T-shirts, logos, etc, as he had not yet been cast in American Pickers – Danielle’s television show which she would develop a few years down the line.Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe were originally seen in their self-created American reality show titled American Pickers back in 2010.