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More granular software choices can similarly be made, such as the selection of particular rendering codecs to be used by media players (e.g., Windows Media Player). It is not just stand-alone apps that can be treated in this fashion.

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Over time, each user device becomes app-adapted to the content preferences of the user—thereby becoming optimized to the user's particular interests in the content world.

The user doesn't select the software; the user's activity selects the software.

The only piece missing here is a Google Latitude API – that means you can’t update your current location on Google Maps from external apps like Twitter or Facebook.

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. The present technology, in some respects, expands on technology detailed in the assignee's above-detailed patent applications.

In contrast, the Food Network may prefer that its content be rendered with a codec optimized for truest color fidelity.

For example, the National Hockey League may prefer that its content be rendered with a codec designed for maximum frame rate. Many countries have laws that recognize artists' continuing interest in the integrity with which their works are treated (so-called “moral rights”). Desirably, it is artists that are given the privilege of specifying the app(s) to be invoked by their creative works.Others rely on near field chip (RFID) identification of objects, or on identification of audio streams (e.g., music, voice). System 12 may also include a network connection 24, and one or more remote computers 26.Some technologies concern improvements to the user interfaces associated with such devices. An illustrative device 14 is a smartphone or a tablet computer, although any other consumer electronic device can be used.This varied, interrelated subject matter does not lend itself to a straightforward presentation. The peripherals (or device 14 itself) may also comprise an interface system by which analog signals sampled by the camera/microphone are converted into digital data suitable for processing by the system.