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The Food Network and Newsy apps let you watch short videos so you follow recipes or catch up on the world as you do your housework.

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My biggest gripe with Portal is that there’s no voice controlled text messaging feature.Perhaps we’ll see that down the line, though, as Facebook Messenger is now internally testing speech transcription and voice navigation.Portal also acts as a Bluetooth speaker, and Spotify Connect lets it power multi-room audio.Portal in portrait mode makes a great playlist display with artwork and easy song skipping.Clearly drinking the social network’s Kool-Aid, he says that “it’s clear that Facebook has done a good job when you’re talking about the breadth of human connection, but we’re focusing on the depth of connection.” The saddening motive?

93% of the face-to-face time we spend with our parents is done by the time we finish high-school, writes Wait but Why’s Tim Urban.Beyond chat, Facebook has built a grip of third-party experiences into Portal.You can use any Alexa to summon Spotify, Pandora, or i Heart Radio, and even opt to have songs play simultaneously on yours and someone else’s Portal for a decentralized dance party.Deep inside Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, the secretive Building 8 lab began work on Portal 18 months ago.The goal was to reimagine video chat not as a utilitarian communication tool, but for “the feeling of being in the same room even if you’re thousands of miles apart” Facebook Portal’s marketing lead Dave Kaufman tells me.Input the time you want, playback where had the child been.