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For best performance, run File Maker Server on a dedicated machine reserved for use as a database server.When File Maker Server is hosting many clients or a large number of databases, it uses a high level of processor, hard disk, and network capacity.

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This configuration is suitable for small deployments (up to 50 File Maker Pro Advanced and File Maker Go clients combined) and limited web publishing. Ports 1895, 3000, 5013, 8998, 9889, 9898, 16001, 16003, 16004, 16020, 16021, 50003, and 50004 must be available.

You can deploy File Maker Server on a master machine and then deploy additional File Maker Web Direct worker machines as needed.

Benefits: Under normal circumstances, a single-machine deployment can only accommodate up to 100 File Maker Web Direct clients.

Each worker machine can accommodate an additional 100 File Maker Web Direct clients.

The license certificate ensures adherence to the end user license agreement.

If the license key is invalid or if too many installations of the software with that same license key are running on the network, the File Maker Server software displays an error message.Other processor-intensive software or heavy network traffic on the same machine will cause File Maker Server to run more slowly and degrade the performance for File Maker clients.To improve performance: In many environments, a single-machine deployment provides sufficient performance for hosting File Maker Web Direct solutions.However, if your server regularly has close to 100 File Maker Web Direct clients, you can deploy File Maker Web Direct machines in a multiple-machine deployment, to allow additional clients to access File Maker Web Direct solutions or to enhance the security of server components.If you’re not hosting File Maker Web Direct solutions, you don’t gain performance improvements from a multiple-machine deployment.You received an email message with a link to your software download page.