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If you’re not subscribed you should subscribe right now. It packs more value than a lot of audio programs that other “gurus” charge hundreds of dollars for. In addition to running the Pickup Podcast, their dating company the Art of Charm, and a radio show on Maxim Radio, they also launched a new book on text game, a new podcast called AJ and Jordan Talk Chicks, and are coming out with a new online study course called The Art of Charm Academy. I’m not sure, but that’s why they’re rated two of the top PUAs of 2010.

One reader had this to say about AJ: In 2010, Richard La Ruina, aka “Gambler” remained one of the top PUAs in Europe and the world.

One reader says of Sinn: Tyler Durden is one of those guys who has been around forever, and continues to be very active in the seduction community.

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Anthony Johnson is one of the most accomplished 22 year olds out there.

If you don’t know his story, at the age of 18, Anthony started The 21 Convention, a pick up artist convention for those under 21 years old, because the rest of the community had basically ignored this demographic.

He really knows how to break down difficult problems and challenges, and come up with simple and actionable solutions.

One reader says of DJ Fuji, simply: Although he didn’t get any votes, this year, we wanted to recognized Anthony Johnson for his contributions to the community.

We received way more the 10 entries, so here are the criteria we used to judge each PUA: We’ve finally gotten around to compiling the names of the pick up artists that you sent in, tallied the scores and did the calculations.

The results are below, and some of them may surprise you.Brad P is one of those guys who’s always on one top 10 list or another, and this year is no different.Brad P is one of the most successful PUAs out there, because he has a background in education, and knows how to teach his material in a way that makes dramatic and lasting changes in his students.The company has attracted some of the best dating coaches in the industry, with guys like Cajun, Captain Jack, Daxx, Fader, and Jeremy Soul, who are all top-class pickup artists in their own right.With a successful teach method that’s proven to help guys improve their dating life and positive mentions in the media, Nick Savoy and Love Systems have contributed tremendously to the PUA community in 2010.Without further ado, the Top 10 Pick Up Artists of 2010!