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Although she is in the entertainment industry for a long time, she is not part of any significant controversies. Similarly, she has a body figure of 34-24-35 inches. Additionally, more than 389k and 5.5k fans follow her on Instagram and Facebook respectively.

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First, we don’t understand why we couldn't just watch this last series this year.

It also makes no sense why this final season will only have six episodes.

The film didn't go too deep into defining their relationship, but we could tell that the two were deeply in love, despite her affiliations especially in the comics.

Judging from what we saw in the movie, Boseman and Nyong'o would make the perfect couple, since neither of them is married or appears to be in a serious relationship at this time.

According to Kaley, these two dated in secret for about two years, but their celebrity status and the limitations of such fame contributed towards the breakdown of their relationship.

At least they're still very good friends despite parting ways.This is despite the rate at which such relationships break, with most of the ones on this list and out there never getting to the three-year mark. Also, which ones would you love to see moving from the screen to real life?Season 8, just thinking about what we already know is enough to make someone go crazy.Subsequently, this helps to maintain her low key life, which is free of rumors and controversies. Depending on your most preferred genre, you will find yourself attracted to the storylines you can relate to the most or the ones that totally blow your mind.Furthermore, all we know right now is HBO will start airing the show sometime in 2019, and we can't help but hope and pray that none of our favorite characters die.