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After the game we go to a great bar on Caxton St and we drink some more. We go upstairs and this lady in her mid forties makes a beeline for him. She’s short, short curly blonde hair, nothing special if I don’t say so myself. ’ and ‘she’s a cougar who lured me in.’ I message him saying I’m at the bar by the front door. I confront him, ask the woman if she’s the psycho he told me about and then I walk away. I walk straight out the door, jump into a taxi and get the fuck out of there, sending him a ‘fuck you’ message for good measure. Next morning he messages me again: There are so many things I want to say to this jerk. And, yeah I thought our FIRST date was pretty great, too.

After dinner (we split the bill) we went for a stroll and found ourselves sitting at a bus stop talking and telling more jokes. We go to the game and it’s as fun as a soccer game can be and we’re drinking and I’m trying to seem interested in the game and it’s all going swimmingly. He’s sitting down on a tall bar stool and she’s in front of him, a bit too close for my comfort. I called mum (at about 2am) and she calmed me down and when I finally stopped crying I walked home and fell into bed.

Nick clearly failed to grasp the unspoken, yet assumed etiquette of navigating the crazy world of Tinder: don't rapid fire unanswered messages, don't be a cankerous dickhead of a douchecanoe to matches that 'just aren't feeling you', and don't be a racist.

Fail to abide by those reasonable commandments, and you leave yourself vulnerable to being the next fella to fall prey to social media-driven condemnation on good 'ol venting outlets like Imgur and Facebook.

And here you can read how it ended, just all too quickly after it began.

As I’m quite active on social media and one of the first things The Oven and I actually exchanged were our Instagram profiles, he was watching my Instagram Stories regularly. I don’t mind being stalked by someone, AS LONG AS THEY BOTHER TO ANSWER ME ON LINE! Some of you might wonder what the heck orbiting is. If you don’t, click the link and you will be in the know. Dating in 2018 is full of surprises, let me tell you. Some of you might remember the story about The Oven.According to Google safe browsing analytics, is quite a safe domain with no visitor reviews.Welcome to homepage info - get ready to check Dating Fails best content right away, or after learning these important things about We analyzed page load time and found that the first response time was 156 ms and then it took 1.6 sec to load all DOM resources and completely render a web page. The date didn’t end at ice cream and me winning (losing) Jenga.