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Patara, still held on but was eventually reduced to a mere village.

The townspeople were forced to retreat to a small area on the edge of the harbor and to build walls to create a protected inner port; by this time the city was very much shrunken.

Its port is reported to have been used through at least the 15th century and the Sultan Cem signed a treaty there in 1478/9.Church and chapel excavations point towards even greater shrinkage of the village and an increase in poverty.It was believed that Apollo lived at Delos during the summer but spent his winters at Patara.Omens were interpreted in these two towns during the respective seasons.However, some very exciting excavations have been going on revealing many structures previously hidden by the dunes.

Among them, liberated from the many hundreds of truckloads of sand that covered it, is the parliament building where the elected representatives of the Lycian League met.

Following its capture by Alexander the Great Patara became an important naval base as well.

Alexander promised the revenues of four cities, including Patara, to one of his commanders, thus its value at that time is quite clear.

Eventually, with too little manpower to keep the sand out of the harbor, it silted up, became plagued with mosquitoes and malaria and that finished it off.

Much of Patara remains undiscovered, buried in the shifting sand, including the famous Temple of Apollo.

Paul’s missionary work at the end of his third missionary journey as he changed ships en route to Jerusalem. Nicholas (born c.260-280 AD), bishop of Myra and the future Santa Claus.