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As the second largest city of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Pskov still attracted enemy armies.

Most famously, it withstood a prolonged siege by a 50,000-strong Polish army during the final stage of the Livonian War (1581–1582).

Once imprisoned by his brother Yaroslav, he was not released until the latter's death several decades later.

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Beautiful Pskov girls will be glad to show you their city, you need only date them!Russian brides are internationally known as the most kind, beautiful and well-mannered ladies.Characteristics of these buildings, produced by the Pskov School of Architecture, include cubic volumes, domes, porches and belfries, with the oldest elements dating back to the 12 century.Churches and cathedrals are integrated into the natural environment through gardens, perimeter walls and fences.By the 14th century, the town functioned as the capital of a de facto sovereign republic.

Its most powerful force was the merchants who brought the town into the Hanseatic League.

At one point, five stone walls ringed it, making the city practically impregnable.

A local school of icon-painting flourished, and the local masons were considered the best in Russia.

Pskov's independence was formally recognized by Novgorod in 1348.

Several years later, the veche promulgated a law code (called the Pskov Charter), which was one of the principal sources of the all-Russian law code issued in 1497.

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