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His share of the company was later purchased by Charles Barton and Henry Reed.

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I have 2 pieces from a Reed and Barton tea set marked 1794 on the bottom (a bowl and a sugar bowl). It appears to be the Winthrop line based on comparisons with other items on e Bay labeled with 1795. You may need to use the macro function (flower icon)to get a good clear photo. Reed & Barton Year Mark Symbols: I will need to match style of marks with style of your pieces to give a general dating. After about 1890 and certainly by 1903, Reed & Barton focused on sterling holloware.

If you could send me a photo of the marks, that would help date your pieces. Paste that link into your reply box on Just Answer Kind regards, Doris I have found your pattern on one of the most respected vintage silver sites. See if you can match one of these found on this web page to a symbol on yours.

I have been an antiques collector, dealer and appraiser for over 56 years. The Winthrop pattern dates 1850-1985 so it may be difficult to come up with a better date for your pattern 1794. Highlight and copy the address link under Direct Linkto the right on the imgur pageg. This site gives dates when they are available but with this pattern, it says "Dates unknown."Reed & Barton for a period of time, marked each piece with a date symbol.

To send photos you may use the attach link you see on your reply page. Find the photo file on your computer that you want to sendc. Kind regards, Doris I had previously checked this site and others. The retail antiques store value of your two plated silver pieces would be 0-120 assuming excellent condition.

If it is not there then you may use the free internet photo There are no other markings other than what I sent you. Comparing pictures on e Bay the shape of handles and decor on lid top matches the Winthrop pattern. A private seller to a dealer can expect 40-60% of retail value. If I can help you with further questions about this answer, please let me know before you rate me. I endeavor to give realistic, honest values in a timely manner.

If you would like to work with me on future questions, I would be pleased to work with you.

Stylistically, this use of natural motifs may ally these sets with rococo revival.

However, the forms of the vessels themselves in these R&B sets draw from specific Greek precedents of amphora, ewer, and krater.

Due to divergent business interests, Babbitt, Crossman, and West dissolved their partnership in 1829. The determination of the owners and the employees kept the business open and growing. Henry Reed and Charles Barton hired Benjamin Pratt as the company’s sales agent.

Within one year of the partnership, the new company was well on its way to success.

The new backstamps simply read, “Reed and Barton.” Throughout the next century, Reed and Barton steadily grew. The manufacturing of britanniaware was discontinued and the production of sterling took its place. In 1928, Reed and Barton purchased the Dominick and Haff Co. Reed and Barton’s many patterns are immensely collectible.