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A century later, their descendants are what defines modern Azerbaijan as one of the most culturally diverse places on Earth.

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Complete disintegration of nearly all government institutions, extreme poverty and external aggression threatened the very existence of the fledgeling nation.

Sweeping political and economic reforms led to rapid improvements in productivity and governance.

Azerbaijanis feel much more secure politically and their vastly increased economic opportunities allow them to engage with the world as an equal and respected partner. Bureaucratic red tape has been greatly reduced with the introduction of ASAN Service Centers.

These all-in-one state agencies virtually overnight transformed many government services making them quick and accessible.

All have lived side by side with their Muslim neighbours for generations.

Anyone on the streets of Baku will be delighted to tell you about their beloved city’s cosmopolitan essence of multiculturalism and multi-confessionalism dating back centuries.

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This spring thousands of Jews from Israel and at least as many Christians from Europe will arrive in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to spend a week celebrating the Passover or Easter holidays.

Azerbaijan’s geographic location at the crossroads of the Great Silk Way has long established it as the place where cultures met and prospered together.

Then at the end of the 19 century came the oil boom, bringing investors and workers from all over the world to Azerbaijan to help develop the world’s new most precious resource.

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