Dating exclusive

Londoners like to drink, but what if you don’t like consuming lots of alcohol?

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It’s why they often seek out professional matchmaking services to help them manage their exclusive dating in London.

It’s not unusual for successful people to invest in many areas of their lives such as personal training, therapy for mental well-being, dieticians, and health retreats.

Nell Frizzle from the Guardian definitely thinks love can be hard to find in London.

Of course you can side step all these obstacles and challenges by getting in touch with the team of expert matchmakers at Vida Consultancy who have been offering exclusive dating in London long enough to avoid all the issues.

Online dating sites rely entirely on the honesty of the person creating the profile.

Dating apps are a fast way to speed date or peruse what is on offer, but it’s more likely to be a fleeting visual or physical connection rather than something of substance.

Have these online or cyber space potential partners been vetted in anyway, or are you happy to play romance roulette?

With 150 single men for every 100 women, the odds are challenging for both sexes.

You don’t need to be coming from afar as New York to be perplexed by the single dating scene in London.

Katy Harrington from Ireland is on point in her views of what makes London a challenge.

Every city in the world has its own unique cultural approach to romance.