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Most of the locals would look (stare) at someone with uncovered shoulders, however.

Don’t ask me what’s going through their minds – just avoid sleeveless shirts or spaghetti strap shirts.

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Be prepared to give up your seats to the legitimate ticket holder as you approach a station, of course.

On most Sunday night trains coming back to Seoul, it’ll be PACKED – something to experience once, but otherwise it’s worth avoiding.

Several late-night buses leave from Yangjae station (line 3) while others leave from Sadang station (line 4).

If you’re close to one of those stations, try one of the buses there before resorting to a taxi.

But they will still know all the gossip and pop culture, just might not admit it.

Bus drivers follow a couple rules of the road, but that’s about it. You can talk to your bus driver, even if its through a translation app on your phone (still don’t see many English speaking bus drivers) and let me know your situation. *also, FYI thats an old picture of a bus ticket from Central City to Gwangju, its not quite that cheap anymore.

Before the list lets take a quick look at some general ideas about Korean history and language.

(Continue Reading the rest of the list below) Korea has a history of being isolated and neutral.

Don’t expect them to wait for you to find a seat or get your things situated – they don’t do that for the locals, and they don’t certainly don’t do that for the foreigners, either. Unless you happen to fit into one of those categories, make your way to the back of the bus.

The older generation has no qualms about putting you in your place if you happen to be in ‘their’ seat!

They have changed a lot during the 2oth and 21st Centuries. To fit in with the culture you need to show interest in the language.