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Use of Substances IHOPU is committed to maintaining an environment that is conductive to wellness and godly self-development of individuals.Thus we seek to ensure that all of our facilities are free from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs.

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These themes can lend themselves to good discussion topics for you and your partner.You’ll also be praying with the rest of the church, who daily joins together to reflect on the word of God.So, we sat down during a date night and penned a prayer together.We prayed that prayer all the way up to our marriage.If praying together as a couple makes you a bit nervous, the Rosary is a great place to start.

There’s a place for spontaneous prayer, but the familiar prayers of the Rosary are comforting.In a study entitled “Praying Together and Staying Together: Couple Prayer and Trust,” researchers asked couples to either pray with and for their partner two times a week for four weeks, or discuss positive news stories for the same amount of time.The results showed that partners who prayed together felt more trust and unity with their partners than the partners who just shared positive news stories.The use of tobacco is prohibited on all IHOPKC property.All IHOPU faculty, staff, and students agree to refrain from the use of illegal drugs and from the public or social consumption of alcoholic beverages.(We have no policy against drinking alcohol in moderation in the context of a meal with immediate family members.) These commitments should be upheld during school breaks and trips outside of Kansas City.