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The level of intricate paint work on this bike would make even the most patient craftsman go cross-eyed. In 1917, people were still talking up the fact that they had pneumatic tires in the first place.

This is what a hundred year old commuter bike looks like. Gearing “features” a hundred years ago meant roller pin chains and the ability to coast.

Emil Wastyn built racing bikes in Chicago for three decades prior to World War II, and he was hired by Schwinn to build the very first Schwinn Paramount in 1937. This bike is an Oscar Wastyn Special, built by Emil’s son sometime in the late 1930’s.

A dashboard fitted with an odometer, speedometer, and a clock were standard.A luggage rack with an integrated tail light was considered super high-tech. If the Goodyear tires are in fact original, then they would have been from the first year that tires rolled out of the Akron plant. The Sager saddle (made in Rochester, NY) looks like it could have been made in 1997, not 1897. The clincher style wooden rims and Goodyear tires appear to be original, and not only do the tubes still hold air, everything tolerated a recent (careful) ride around the neighborhood. The adjustable stem pivot has about 25 notches in it which allows for 25 different height and width positions without changing the pitch of the grips.Not to be outdone by Schwinn or Monark, the 1941 Columbia Superb (a.k.a.

the model F9T) was one of the most deluxe cruiser bicycles ever built.

Original specifications dictated every dimension and material used.

While the headlight, chain guard, tank and rack were all made overseas, much of the bike was made in the U.

The steel cottered crankset is a BSA, there’s an adjustable handlebars stem, a Brooks racing saddle and hand built wheels.

Racing wheels like these are extremely light (actually very similar in weight to modern versions with carbon fiber rims). This bike belonged to Arthur Habener, a Chicago area amateur bike racer.

This bike is in remarkably good condition for its age.